Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter Hunt (in the newspaper)

Yesterday, before I recycled the newspaper, I gave it to Aidan along with a marker. He has been working on the letter "R" in preschool this week so I asked him to find and circle as many "R's" as he could find. He went on to find a few other letters also.

It was great exposure to new words, new format (newspaper as opposed to books), and of course identifying letters. Aidan is already very familiar with his letters, but I thought it would be great exercise for his eye while he was patching.
He is still working on holding a pencil correctly so it was good practice for that and I could mix it up a little and have him draw a circle, or square or triangle or any other shape around each letter.

Just a little fun we had with the newspaper once mommy and daddy were done reading it.


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