Monday, July 19, 2010

Landing on the lilypads

I feel like a fraud as I was typing the title to this post, because we didn't actually call them lily pads yesterday while we were playing. But when I went to type the title, that is what came into my head. And now the next time we do this activity I am going to have them use the little plastic frogs I got at Target dollar section awhile ago!

Anyway, we have these little blocks that are supposed to be water toys. So I had them out and we were playing with them yesterday. Then I remembered we had a bunch of frisbees in the garage and it might be fun to see if we could get them to land on the frisbees. It was very fun, but not easy. The frisbees of course move and float around in the water, hard targets to hit. But all that really mattered was that it was new and different and got our bodies moving and working. Practicing throwing skills, getting wet, laughing, thinking, splashing!
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