Sunday, May 2, 2010

My new favorite craft

I have been wanting to try stamping on washers since I saw this fun idea on nannygoat. And then I saw this one at Not So Idle Hands. I needed to get myself a steel stamping set! I finally found my way to Harbor Freight. If you don't have one near you just order from their website. The steel stamp set cost me $5.

Then I went to Menards and grabbed a couple of bags of washers in a couple different sizes. Went outside and started hammering away!

So far I have made a necklace for my two big kids and all their playgroup friends. It is soooooooo easy. I used a pretty ribbon and beads for the girls necklaces and a more "manly" piece of rope (that I had from long ago when I used to like making hemp jewelry) for the boys necklaces.

My kids love theirs and I hear that at least one of our little playgroup friends has been wearing hers ever since. Ella certainly seems happy with hers!

So if you are a friend of mine, beware, either you or your children may just have one of these coming your way soon!!! I have plenty of washers to use!!!!! :) For the mommies I will probably go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and pick up a pretty bead and chain from their jewelry making sections. Such a fun, cute little gift!
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Ashley and Brian said...

oh my goodness! those are so cute! i'm totally getting one. for $5, that's amazing! i'm excited. i found you through home grown families, by the way.

mary said...

Those are so stinken cute. I love them Amy. Very cool!! :)

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! They are so fun and easy to make! I am glad that I could get a set for $5 - I searched for some and the fancier fonts that are supposed to be for jewelry making are like $60 and above - I'll take my $5 set! ;)

sarahmmw said...

hmmm, I may know a little girl with a birthday coming up????? Granted I could also see her choking herslef too. But mommy could keep it safe for her till she's older;)


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