Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Storytelling Game

When I saw this idea over at Chasing Cheerios, I had to run out and get a bunch of these little wooden cutouts. I always eye them when I am at Michaels or Walmart, but make myself leave them alone until I can think of a use for them. But now I had a reason! So off we went to the stores and let the kids pick out a bunch of different shapes.

The storytelling game that Chasing Cheerios made is just to take turns with your child pulling a piece out of the bag and using that "character" to add to your story.

It might be fun to also just have one in the bag at a time and have your child reach in and feel the piece and try to guess what it is.

Or (since I went WAY overboard and bought a ton of the pieces) we could use them to match with some letter cards to find the beginning sound of each item. So match "E" and Elephant.

And now I have an alligator to sing along with the 5 Little Monkeys Swinging In a Tree song. We already had the 5 little monkeys.

Can you think of any other fun uses for these little wood pieces - cause I love them and now we have a ton!
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