Friday, January 29, 2010

Craft Stick Airplanes

My friend Laura just posted these pictures on Facebook of an AWESOME craft she and her son did. I LOVE it and and asked her if she would mind if I shared it with all of you. The simplicity of their little creation is so wonderful, yet I can see it being hours of fun for the little ones.

They took 4 craft sticks (popsicle sticks) and two tiny wooden spools. They colored the craft sticks and added some stickers and the kids names with foam letters. Laura put it all together with her hot glue gun. Ta Da! Little model airplane!

Malachi wanted to make one for each member of his family. Isn't that sweet?!

Such a simple project, but so creative!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
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Crystal said...

Oh boy, we have to do this. I need to find something other than those to think.

Michelle said...

These are so cute, they look amazing!!

Amy said...

I know! Isn't that a clever little design? I have been trying to think what I might have around here that would substitute for the spools, but I don't think I have anything too sturdy. First I was thinking just a pom would at least separate the two sticks, but now I am thinking cutting some foam sheets into little squares and gluing/stacking them.

Anonymous said...

I am going to use this tomorrow in my class. Thanks for the fun idea.


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