Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day activity

I had printed off these cards from Teach Mama when she first posted about them, but today I finally remembered to pull them out for us to play. You see we have almost 15 inches of snow outside our house and a blizzard warning across the entire state. So we are not leaving the house. Not yesterday, not today, maybe not even tomorrow. This mama is trying to pull out all the tricks to keep everyone sane and happy while we are stuck inside. That's right - can't even go out and play in all that snow as there is a negative wind chill. :(

My older two LOVED plaything with the action, action, 1,2,3 cards and I bet yours will too! Go print them out!!!!! So much fun!


teachmama said...

wow! thanks so much for linking back to me, Amy--great blog, and I cannot wait to read more!

thanks a ton and have a super holiday--


Amy said...

No - Thank YOU for all your awesome ideas. I LOVE reading your blog and have gotten so many ideas I have shared with my four year old as he is learning to read. :)


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