Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dress-Up Organization

Another genius idea just shared with me from my friend Kim. The same creative genius behind the pirate ship and build a house (and I hear that there is a Santa's workshop in the works for December - she is very creative with the appliance boxes!).

She scored some great costumes on the after-Halloween clearance sales, and combined with all her other cool dress-up stuff she already had, she was just tired of it all getting wrinkled and messy in a tub or just getting dumped out of the tub. So last night they went and bought this garment rack at Walmart for $10. They only put it halfway up so the kids can easily help themselves.

I think that is a very clever solution. The kids will easily be able to see what they have, find what they want and put it away when done. Thanks for sharing Kim!!!!!
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Tina said...

I run an in home child care and for many years I also struggled with how to store dress up clothes. I tried the pole and hanger thing and just got more irritated because the preschoolers could not get the stuff hung up and everything always ended up on the floor. I finally got some "rickrack" from the sewing department and sewed HUGE loops in the back of every piece, then put up nice big hooks on the wall so they hang everything up. It works GREAT!

angee said...

Tina, That's what we use, too. It's in my son's closet for dress-ups. I even have it in my mudroom for my kids to hang up their coats and hats when coming in from outside. I love how it makes them more independent!

Amy said...

I love that idea too, Tina! Thanks for sharing! I think my 4 yr old could handle the hangers, but my two year old would definitely do better with the hooks.


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