Thursday, April 23, 2009

Straw Necklace

My three-year-old has really been into using his scissors lately. He doesn't cut across a paper though, he mostly makes little slits and then tears and cuts again to cut a tiny little triangle. I wanted to give him some more practice cutting and using his fine motor skills that was different than cutting paper.
My 17 month old got a necklace at a parade last weekend and Aidan really likes it, so I thought maybe he could make his own necklace. I remembered that I happen to have some neon colored straws and thought they would be great to cut up and thread onto some yarn to make his very own necklace!

What we used:


First Aidan used his scissors and cut up the straws to about an inch or less in length. I did help a little as he got down to only having a little bit of straw left.

Then he strung them onto the yarn. I wrapped a piece of tape around the end of the yarn so it would be more stiff and not fray as he was threading the straws on. We also talked about making a pattern and made a repeating pattern with our 4 colors. If you wanted to include a lesson on patterns, use the number of colors your child would be able to handle in completing the pattern. A younger child for example might be able to go blue-green-blue-green, but a child with more experience might be able to do a more complex pattern.

When finished, he proudly wore his necklace. And, at least for us, no more fighting over the red beaded necklace from the parade!

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