Friday, April 10, 2009

Recycled Crayons

What a cute idea- break down your old crayons, melt them down and make new (more fun!) crayons! I saw this in a couple of places:

Make and Takes
Chica and Jo

At Make and Takes they used muffin tins and just put colors that would look nice together into the same space. At Chica and Jo they made rainbow crayons in a triangle shape. Check out either website for directions on how to do it. I will just add a few things I learned here.

Last week I bought some candy molds at Michael's (using the weekly 40% off coupon of course - even though they only cost about $2 to begin with - I like to save a few pennies!) I chose the transportation and the sea life themes. I also used a muffin tin.

The first time I tried this, I broke the crayons and then tried the melting technique of using the microwave and paper cups. It took forever for the crayons to melt. Perhaps I did not break them down small enough, perhaps I did not have the microwave set on high. Either way, I will not be doing it that way again.

Today I put the crayons into empty, dry tin cans and melted them in the oven. This still took awhile, but only because I did one color at a time, or at least staggered their cook start times so as I was making the rainbow crayons, each color had a chance to set before I added a new color on top of it. I melted them at 275 degrees for about 10 minutes, but again, I should have broken the pieces down a little smaller, maybe it would have taken a little less time.

Then you just carefully remove the can from the oven and pour into whatever mold you have decided to use. Let cool on the counter or stick in the freezer for a little bit and they will pop right out.

I think they turned out pretty cute. I think these are going in the Easter baskets as well. :)

Oh...and if you choose to try the cookie cutter route as suggested at Make and Takes, be sure to check out Mandi's experience over at Doodles' Place. She has a suggestion that might make it work a little better.

Happy crayon crafting!
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angee said...

I mentioned this on my blog a couple of weeks ago! My kids love it!! Yours look really cool. Love the rainbow stripes!

I did mine just a bit differently. If you're interested, here's the link:

And I love your idea to put them in their Easter baskets!

Jedda said...

we just did some of these. Yours turned out so cute! They would make great gifts-good idea!


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