Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mini Clipboards

I saw this genius idea over at Let's Explore and had to make one for Aidan. It is so simple, has many uses, is made from material already in your house, and you can totally personalize it however you want!

What you need:

Cardboard (we used the front and back of a Teddy Grahams box and glued them together to make it more sturdy)
Pretty paper or your child's artwork
Binder clip
Contact Paper (if you want to cover it all to protect it)

All I did was cut the front and back off a Teddy Grahams box, glued the two rectangles together. Aidan picked out the paper he wanted from my scrapbook paper stash. I glued the paper onto the cardboard and then covered with clear contact paper.

Add some paper and you have the perfect little miniature clipboard.

While you of course can make yours any size you like, I like ours because it will fit nicely in the diaper bag, and its easy for him to carry himself.

Ways I plan to use it:
  • Dramatic Play - if we play restaurant he can "write" orders down
  • Science/Nature - he could take it along on one of our walks and draw any animals or bugs or trees or whatever he finds interesting during the walk
  • Church or Retraurants - it's just the right size for a little scribble pad for him to draw on to keep him entertained when he needs to be quiet
  • I might tape a letter or number to the bottom of it so he can see what it looks like as he starts to practice writing
Do your children have little clipboards? How do you use them?
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